Intermediate Snare Drum Fundamentals Commission

In this ZILDJIAN WORKOUT episode, Andrew Barlow takes you through a flam exercise that not only warms up the hands, works on flam quality with single handed flams, flam taps, swiss army triplets and flam threes, but encourages a relaxed flow and approach to the drum. A great exercise to start your practice session while you jam along with your favorite tunes!

The ZILDJIAN WORKOUT project was created to give YOU the opportunity to “learn-while-you-drum” along with the top Zildjian artists. Covering three levels of technical demand, each video will cover several exercises that will not only help you improve your fundamental skills, but also expose you to the drumming philosophies of some of today’s master instructors!

Grab your sticks & practice pad – and get ready for a workout! Download the FREE PDF of the exercises here:…






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