Zildjian Artist Page is Now Live!

I am grateful to have sponsors that support my career. Zildjian has been a constant in my career since 2004 and I am honored to showcase their beautiful cymbals as I perform internationally. In 2019 I was added to the artist roster and recently I have been blessed with an artist page on their website. Click the Zildjian Logo below to find out more about the Zildjian company and some of my favorite cymbals that they have to offer.

Op. 14 by Johanna Beyer

During the Fall semester, Andrew prepared the 2020 PAS International Percussion Ensemble Winners for a one of a kind recording. Johanna Beyer is the first known female composer of the percussion ensemble. Her works deal heavily with 20th century music and was forgotten until the 1980’s. Thanks to Frog Peak Music, much of Johanna’s music is now on sale and available for performance. Conducted and directed by Andrew Barlow, here is Op. 14 performed by the UNCG Percussion Ensemble.