On Tour with Blast!

January 14
Caswell County Civic Center, Yanceyville, NC

January 17
Van Wezel Performing Arts Hall, Sarasota, FL

January 18
Mattie Kelly Arts Center, Niceville, FL

January 19-21
Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre, Atlanta, GA

January 23
Brooks Center for the Performing Arts at Clemson University Center, Clemson, SC

January 25
Shea's Performing Arts Center, Buffalo, NY

January 26
Auditorium Theatre, 885 East Main Street, Rochester, NY

January 27 
State Theatre, New Brunswick, NJ

January 28 
Mayo Performing Arts Center, Morristown, NJ

January 29
Lehman Center for the Performing Arts Center, Bronx, NY

January 31 - February 5
Du Pont Theatre, Wilmington, DE

February 8
Pasquerilla Performing Arts Center, Johnstown, PA

February 9 
Strand- Capitol Performing Arts Center, York, PA

February 10
State Theatre Center for the Arts, Easton, PA

February 11
Lowell Memorial Auditorium, Lowell, MA

February 12
Symphony Hall, Springfield, MA

February 14
Morris Performing Arts Center, South Bend, IN

February 17
Count Basie Theatre, Red Bank, NJ

February 18
Proctor's Theatre, Schenectady, NY

February 19
Garde Arts Center, New London, CT

February 21
Embassy Theatre, Fort Wayne, IN

February 22
Dow Event Center, Saginaw, MI

February 23
Western Michigan University Miller Auditorium, Kalamazoo, MI

February 24
Lake Michigan College Performing Arts Center, Benton Harbor, MI

February 25
Carson Center, Paducah, KY

February 26
Broken Arrow Performing Arts Center, Broken Arrow, OK

March 6-7
Ellen Eccles , Logan, UT

March  9
Cheyenne Civic Center, Cheyenne, WY

March 10
Arnold Hall Theatre US Air Force Academy, 2302 Cadet Drive, USAF Academy, CO

March 13 
Alberta Bair Theatre, Billings, MT 

March 17-18
Visual & Performing Arts Center at Folsom, Folsom, CA

March  20-22
McCallum Theatre, Palm Desert, CA

March  23
Lancaster Performing Arts Center, Lancaster, CA

March  24-25
Galo Center for the Arts Mary Stuart Rogers Theatre, Modesto, CA

March  30 - April 1
Cerritos Center, Cerritos, CA

April 3-4
Hult Center, Eugene, OR

April 5
Mount Baker Theatre, Bellingham, WA

May 10 - 22

On Tour with The Cadets Drum and Bugle Corps ~ Johnstown, PA

June 3 - June 13
Yeosu, South Korea
World Expo

June 28
Tokyo, Japan
Theatre 1010 (Senju)
Sold Out

June 29
Yuuki City, Japan
Yuki Shimin Bunka
Sold Out

July 6 - July 8
Sapporo, Japan
Nitori Cultural Hall


July 10
Aomori, Japan
Aomori-shi Bunka Kaikan
Sold Out

July 11
Akita, Japan
Akita Kenmin Kaikan
Sold Out

July 12
Yamagata, Japan
Yamagata-ken Kenmin Kaikan


July 13
Chiba, Japan
Matsudo Morino Hall 21


July 14 - July 16
Kanagawa, Japan
Kanagawa Arts Theater


July 18
Saitama, Japan
Omiya Sonic City


July 19
Yamanashi, Japan
Yamanashi Kenritsu Kenmin Bunka Hall


July 20
Niigata, Japan
Niigata Kenmin Kaikan


July 21 - July 22
Toyama, Japan
Aubade Hall


July 23
Nagano, Japan
Suzaka-shi Bunka Kaikan Mesena Hall
Sold Out

July 24
Ishikawa, Japan
Kanazawashi Bunka Hall


July 25
Fukui, Japan
Phoenix Plaza


July 27
Iwate, Japan
Kitagami-shi Bunka Koryu Center Sakura Hall
Sold Out

July 28 - 29
Miyagi, Japan
Tokyo Electron Hall Miyagi


July 30
Fukushima, Japan
Koriyama Shimin Bunka Center
Sold Out

August 1
Osaka, Japan
Sakai Shimin Kaikan


August 2 - August 5
Osaka, Japan
Orix Theater


August 7
Shiga, Japan
Otsu Smimin Kaikan


August 8
Kyoto, Japan
Bunka Parc Joyo Plum Hall


August 9
Nara, Japan
Nara-ken Bunka Kaikan


August 10
Wakayama, Japan
Kinan Bunka Kaikan


August 11 - August 12
Hyogo, Japan
Kobe International House


August 14
Tochigi, Japan
Utsonomiya-shi Bunka Kaikan


August 15
Gunma, Japan
Beicia Bunka Hall


August 16 - September 2
Tokyo, Japan
Tokyo International Forum Hall C


September 3
Gifu, Japan
Kani-shi Bunka Souzou Center


September 5
Shizuoka, Japan
Act City Hamamatsu
Sold Out

September 6
Mie, Japan
Mie-ken Sogo Bunka Kaikan


September 7 - September 9
Aichi, Japan
Chukyo University Bunka Shimin Kaikan


September 11 Okayama, Japan
Okayama Shimin Kaikan
Sold Out

September 12
Tottori, Japan
Torigin Bunka Kaikan


September 13
Yamaguchi, Japan
Hofu-shi Kokaido
Sold Out

September 14
Shimane, Japan
Izumo Shiman Kaikan


September 15 - September 17
Hiroshima, Japan
Hiroshima Bunka Koryu Kaikan


September 19
Nagasaki, Japan
Nagasaki-shi Kokaido


September 20
Saga, Japan
Saga-shi Bunka Kaikan


September 21 - September 23
Fukuoka, Japan
Fukuoka Sun Palace


September 24
Kumamoto, Japan
Kumamoto Shimin Kaikan


September 26
Tokushima, Japan
Tokushima Bunka Center
Sold Out

September 27
Ehime, Japan
Matsuyama Shimin Kaikan


September 28 - September 29
Kochi, Japan
Kochi Kenritsu Kenmin Bunka Hall


September 30
Kagawa, Japan
Alpha Ananuki Hall


October 1
Oita, Japan
iichico Sogo Bunka Center


October 2
Kagoshima, Japan
Kagoshima Shimin Bunka Hall


October 3
Miyazaki, Japan
Miyazaki-shi Bunka Hall


October 6 - October 7
Okinawa, Japan
Okinawa Convention Center